Georgia – Tbilisi Street Course 2018 FINALS

Georgia – Tbilisi Finals 2018

Georgia is a country in the Causcasus region of Eurasia which is located on the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe and is bounded by the black sea and Russia to the north.A hugely fast exploding economy that is freash to embrace modern day motorsports just like we have done across europe this is the next step. in the evolution of rollign out more street circuits. The capitial is Tbilisi with a population of 3.7 Million.

So why Georgia – Why not – It is not often that we get a national state and city fully go behind our visions in creating what is going to be our most spectacular city centre course to date. 2018 onwards we are bringing professional drifting to the fans in these city centre locations.

Motorsport In Georgia is thriving with the World TCR Touring car series debuting at the Rustavi International motor circuit in 2017 . 2018 will see some of the best drivers across europe desced on Tbilisi city centre for what is shaping up to be Europe’s biggest ever event.

So back in May we had the first track inspection and after many designs came up with the approval and dimensions for the Tbilisi Street Course.

A few of the Criteria we usually ask for 

  • City Centre Based location
  • Multiple Viewing Positions for fans and locations of grandstands
  • Minimal Disruption to the traffic Management System restricting the city on event Weekend
  • Ease of Access for Paddock /VIP’s and Spotters
  • Spectacular and Iconic Backdrop of the City
  • Full FIA Safety – Custom Homolagation Circuit

With an expected audience of over 30,000 Fans expected descend on Tbilisi over the two days this is going to be the biggest ever motorsport event to descend on the country.

(Turn 1 Across the Bridge )

Startline is 180 metre launch on to main entrance to the city across Nikoloz Baratashvili bridge  30 metres wide over the MTKVAR River with six lanes wide section with drivers having to link a huge 169metre transition.

(Traffic on the Nikoloz Baratashvili bridge Bridge)

Turn 2 things slow down slightly into a smaller 70 metre radius bend which then connect to a slip road which links on to the road beneath.

(Turn 3 is super tricky with a descend and elevation drop)

With 11 metres width and junction turn you then transition to the lower riverside level.

And extend to the final corner infront of the National Arts Centre where thousands of fans will be able to see 1000 Hp drift cars smokign up Tbilisi

Over the coming months we will be releasing more teasers of the track promo and simulations of what is shaping up to be the most spectacular street drift tarck to date.