Hungarian Drift GP – Offical Results

Drift GP Round 6 – Hungary Drift GP Results
The inaugural Drift GP saw a season that would come down to the wire for the Finale at the Hungaroring International Circuit based just outside Budapest, the Capital of Hungary.

With a super close points race it was all to play for going into the finals, with just 50 points separating the top 5 drivers. With this course having many elevation changes, along with a power sapping turn 1-2 high speed entry it brought a diverse track which would prove a test to the best drivers in Europe.

With the German Drift GP still fresh in everyone’s minds it was business as usual, with the top 5 very close in Qualifying. Fredrik øksnevad would lock out P5 , with championship leader Juha Pöytälaakso taking P4.

The top 3 would be separated by just 0.67 points. Sebastian Fontijn would have to push very hard in this power hungry course, taking P3, Andrius Vasiliauskas would show more pace in his new BMW, taking P2. Yet again, however, Nigel Colfer would lay it all on the line, taking P1.

When it came down to the battles a small burst of rain just before the session started would throw down very unpredictable weather conditions.

The first person caught out in this would be in an all Lithuanian battle between Benediktas čirba and Andrius Vasiliauskas. After a huge crash in practice Bendiktas would have no answer to his country man and bought out in the first round.

Great 8
Juha Pöytälaakso would go off track in his run against Fredrik Oksnevad, giving the Norwegian a huge advantage in the Championship chase and sending him into the final 4.

Nigel Colfer would send Cypriot Enver Haskasap home after a close battle over the two runs
Championship contender Sebastian Fontijn would lose to Dmitriy Illyuk after contact in the first corner. With lost momentum from Fontijn it was enough to end his day and his championship run.

Andrius Vasiliauskas Vs Dmitriy Illyuk would be a huge battle, with both drivers pushing in there 1000+hp cars. With huge pride on line between both drivers, a mistake forced by each driver on their chase runs would send it into a one more time where Vasiliauskas eventually prevailed.

In the second semi-final, two Triace team-mates would duke it out with Nigel Colfer leading off against Fredrik Oksnevad. Colfer would make a big mistake in his lead run making contact with the barrier and giving a huge advantage to Oksnevad who went on the take the win.

Andrius would lead off against Fredrik in this Lithuania vs Norway battle. Andrius would lead off again in a superfast run laying it down and Fredrik just had no answer to this strong lead. Fredrik would do his best in the second leg but would have no answer to Andrius lead run.

1.Andrius Vasiliauskas – Lithuania – Turbo Systems Zestino Tyres
2.Fredrik øksnevad Norway –Triace Tyre
3.Nigel Colfer – Ireland – Triace Tyre

Andrius Vasiliauskas later added ‘This was the win we were waiting for our all new BMW E92 chassis, in just its second appearance it gave us the confidence to push for the win. This gives us great confidence and movement going into the 2018 season’

In the Championship chase Andrius last minute push nearly saw him knock Juha Poytalasssko off the top step. Juha would take the championship by just 6 points when all was said and done.

1.Juha Pöytälaakso Finland Westlake Tires
2.Andrius Vasilaukas Lithuania – Turbo System Zestino Tires
3.Fredrik Okksenvad Norway –Triace Tyre

Juha added ‘This is what we have worked for over the last 3 seasons, with slow gradual improvements this is the proof if you put in the work you can get a reward. It has been a tough season with just two podiums but very worthwhile and we cannot wait to get back to Finland to the fans who have been hugely supportive.

Again viewership was just above 1 million for this event with a season total of 9.24 Million viewers, and over 50 million fans reached through our live broadcast, being the most viewed live Social distributed motorsport across Facebook in 2017.