RD 3 – Results Global Warfare 4 Ireland

Drift GP Round 2 Results – Global Warfare Ireland
For the second consecutive year the tour returned to Ireland for one of the biggest grudge matches of the season, Global Warfare 4. Once again the Irish would be put to the test with the international invasion of drivers and teams descending on the emerald isle with the hopes of ending the 14 year streak of un-beaten Irish Drivers on home soil. With a capacity lineup of 50 drivers from 14 different countries, this would shape up to be the biggest and most followed drift event in Europe this season. To match that another cpaacity crowd would attend Mondello Park

With just 1 week since the British Drift GP, a lot of the international teams immediately made the short hop to Ireland in preparation of the event.With an all new layout promised at Mondello Park it was anyone’s game and all to play for. From the Saturday practice it was clear that the hometown favourites, Jack Shanahan, Duane Mckeever and Tomas Kiely would feature highly in the outcome of the event.

In qualifying it was a pretty close affair with the top 5 drivers separated by just 4 points.
Jack Shanahan took P4 after not having the most comfortable session. German driver Marcel Uhlig would split the Irish domination taking P3 and showed he meant business this season.

The top 2 spots were separated by just 0.5 points. Tomas would push very hard but not have an answer for the Northern Irish driver Duane Mckeever who was carrying huge momentum after taking the win at the British Drift GP in Birmingham less than a week earlier.

In the Top 32 we were already set for some super close battles but some early upsets with top drivers Nigel Colfer from Ireland, Australian Mitch Larner, Peruvian Alex Heilbrun, Frenchman Jerome Vassia, German driver Marcel Uhlig and young Sensation Sebastian Fontijn all exiting the competition at the first stage of battles.

Top 16
Duane Mckeever vs Oliver Evans was the first battle to kick off the top 16 with the British Championship regular pushing Duane on the first run. With contact being made in the second part of the run Mckeever got a huge advantage sending him to the Great 8.

Jack Shanahan vs Andrius Vasiliauskas was one of the battles of the day. With both drivers battling for vital points in the Championship. This super close fight would go down to the second run and an off track excursion by Andrius was enough to end his day and send him home.

Tomas Kiely vs Fredox would again see two huge stars do battle. Kiely would lay down some incredible chase runs sending out signals he wanted another Global Warfare win. Over the two runs Kiely would have much better proximity sending the Norwegian home.

Aurimas Vaskelis vs Juha Poytalaakso would be one a chance for Aurimas to show he was the chaser to beat again, laying down incredible runs and chasing the Finnish champion Poytalaasko with amazing proximity. A mechanical failure in the second run was, unfortunately, enough to end his day.

Great 8
Duane Mckeever vs Enver Haskasap – Ireland Vs Cyprus, with Enver being one of the last two remaining international drivers. Duane would push super hard and showed he had far too much speed and confidence at his home circuit for Haskasap to have a chance, ending his day here.

Tomas Kiely Vs Juha Poytalaakso – It would all be left on Tomas Kiely’s shoulders to take care of the final international visitor. Kiely would again raise his game against the Finnish champion and Poytalaakso would have no answer for the irish driver leaving an all-Irish final 4.

An all Irish final 4 would remain, again sending out the message the Irish will take on any challengers remain unbeaten for yet another year.
Duane Mckeever vs Jack Shanahan was tipped to be one of the battles of the day. This huge rivalry between both drivers goes back years. After last week’s result, Shanahan would again push very hard but have no answer for Mckeever who demonstrated superior chase driving, giving him a big advantage from the judges and therefore the win.
Tomas Kiely vs Shane O’Sullivan would be the other all-Irish semi final. Kiely again raised his game with huge entry speed and commitment on both lead and chase runs, giving him a big advantage from judges and pushing him on to the final.

The final came down to the two best men from qualifying, Tomas Kiely and Duane Mckeever the P1/2 qualifiers from the morning session fought through to meet each other in the final. In the first battle a miss shift from Kiely was enough to end his day and give a huge advantage to Duane handing him the win.

With an average age of just 18 years old between the top 3 on the podium -It really shows this is this is the millenial motorsport of choice.

Drift GP Round 3 -Global WarFare 4 -Ireland
1- Duane Mckeever (Ireland) Triace Tires
2- Tomas Kiely (Ireland) Achilels Tires
3- Jack Shanahan (Ireland) Westlake Tires

Duane Mckeever Later Added ‘With two back to back wins In the UK and Ireland i am over the moon.My Triace Tires S13 is the best it has ever been and it has so much pace, and at the moment we are in great shape looking towards the rest of the championship. To add a second win in Global Warfare is a dream.’

Check out what the winners had to say at #GlobalWarFare4 It was an all Irish lockout on the podium. But who can stop the Irish domination globally? Congrats to the winners1) Duane Mckeever Tri-ace Tyre2) Tomás Kiely. Achilles Tires USA3) Jack Shanahan Westlake tire motorsports europe#GlobalWarFare #DriftGP #IDC2017

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Check out what the drivers had to say in the – Post Event Interviews

The points standing is now super close with 29 points between the top two Drivers Jack Shanahan and Duane Mckeever. With each driver being able to drop there worst score over the season, and Duane taking back to back wins it looks to be an incredibly close season as we move to Scandinavia for the Swedish Drift GP in just 3 weeks time .

Again live viewership was north of 1.5 Million viewers across 5 pages, with reach going to over 11 million fans globally showing the social media power of this millenial motorsport. The biggest motorsport to be distributed at scale across social media distribution.

In just under 3 weeks the tour moves to Scandinavia for the Swedish Drift GP at GTR Motorpark just outside Stockholm.With so many top drivers descending from Denmark,Sweden,Norway and Finland can the Scandinavians stop the International invasion on this custom made drift circuit.